Here are the major pointers and answers you can use for "Why should you be hired for this internship?": - "As a fresher, I am still learning about the nuisances of this field. Career Interest Buying a career is a challenge. Tell Me Something You Are Excited About. Take some time to truly learn why you're interested in the role. I literally do not let you leave the company till the bond finishes. They may also want to confirm that you're aware that the salary will be lower at this level, and that the responsibilities will not be as high-level as in previous roles. I am a quick learner and I have an innate curiosity towards exploring new things and I am also good at . Students concentrating in CTE have test scores equal to those who are "college prep" students. When you are overqualified, it can mean that you have just way too much experience or skill sets for the job. Answer # 1 Describe what brought you to the industry and what kept you researching. Open-ended requests like these can leave even the most seasoned interviewees stumped if they haven't prepared. Get to Know the Job With questions like that and its alternatives - like "Why do you want this job?" - your focus needs to be on the nuances of the role. Introductory questions. These are my favorite and best ways of answering interview questions regarding sales. CTE Internship Packet for Businesses Questions: We would love to hear from you with any questions you may have or provide information. These are all interview-killers. To have a better understanding. Human Resource Manager. It's hard to know what to expect in a job interview, especially if you're not used to them. Last modified: January 25, 2022. Two rounds for freshers one is technical interview and HR interview. Are you enthusiastic about the position? It's hard to know what to expect in a job interview, especially if you're not used to them. Given here are some best ways to answer this question. Step 1: Focus on your biggest "element" of change. For example, suppose you're a social media coordinator who has worked largely for media and communication organizations. We look forward to hearing from you and seeing what opportunities we can uncover together! If you have previously verified . If you are interested in hosting an intern, please refer to the information package below for more information. Why do employers ask "Why are you interested in this job?" Interviewers are typically trying to get answers to four core questions when they ask "Why do you want this job?" including the following: Do you understand the position you're applying for? Answer (1 of 9): Depends which kind of internship you are applying to, some answers i think could be: -develop (one or several) skills -learn -practice my profession -get to know the company -be part of something important (in big companies) -face big challenges And so. Open Document. Why job interviews are always not up to you. (The BEST ANSWER to this TOUGH Interview Question!) Growing up I'd take a look at my mother-nursing textbook was intrigued through the muscular and skeletal systems Probably the most intriguing part was how muscles, tendons, and ligaments all try to attach themselves to the skeletal . Improvement of student grades. Think about this question before the job interview so you can quickly answer the interviewer. While this is asked of interviewees across all industries, it carries an added weight for creatives because you are your brand. Mar 29, 2022 17 min read.

Let's explore six reasons why CTE is so important. My first career interest was to become a physical counselor. All intern candidates (you included) are interested in some common things, such as: Real world experience Finding a company to start your career with Making your resume look better Your answer must reflect an accurate understanding of the job. It may seem like an unnecessary question, but stating why you are interested in a position shows your passion for a business and potential growth opportunities. Interview. Now, it's time to remind the interviewer how hiring you can benefit them. They are an excellent way for students to employ their skills, gain real-world experience, build their resume, and earn high school credit at the same time. Having an internship gives you experience in the career field you want to pursue. 3 Center your answer around the skills and experience that show you can solve that problem. Here's why: It exposes you to real-world experience - Internships offer you a peek into the environment you wish to work in someday. 1. I hope it helps you get an edge over others who may be interviewing for the same position. Why are you in software is a very valid question for several reasons. 1 See answer Advertisement This will allow you to complete a part-time internship as a full-time student or connect with a global company that allows you to work evenings so it overlaps with their daytime hours. "Why are you interested in this position?" is another one of those introductory interview questions, meant to set the mood and ease you into the interview. But in any case, it's better for you to be honest (yet diplomatic) than for you to rehearse something generic. Mostly candidates respond with something about why they connect to the work, and often those answers sound more or . Answer 1: "I understand the company is focused on collaboration and communication toward innovating new products. Follow these steps when answering, 'Why are you interested in this position?': 1. Find an answer to your question Why are you interested in a CTE internship? Here's a quick step-by-step process for answering, "Why are you interested in this position?" 1. ABOUT THE STUDY: Eligible students will receive Supported Education services from the Rutgers study team including time management, requesting accommodations, and CTE apprenticeship/job search skills for up to 18 months. Sharing what drew you to their company, in particular, is a great way to answer this question. Interview Questions. CareerTechnical Education(CTE) makes education relevant and important. For example, if you're a student studying nutrition and you find an internship that allows you to participate in a medical study, you might have an interest in the internship because it lets you explore the scientific applications of nutrition in health care. I also see a chance to develop skills which would be advantageous for both of us in terms of our personal, professional, and financial . Explain why you're a good fit. Why do you want this internship? Junior and Senior students may be eligible for an internship if they have good grades (3.0 GPA), good attendance, and have taken or are currently enrolled in a CTE class related to the internship/career.

CTE is the backbone of Economic Workforce Development as it addresses the needs of high-growth industries. bu001d. Furthermore, remote internships remove the pesky commute and traffic which is large cities around the world ranges from 30 minutes to an hour and half one way. Abi Tyas Tunggal. 4 Show how the position and company culture fit your career goals and personality. It was a strong team of professionals who worked well together to consistently deliver quality results. Whether you are a junior in high school with a goal of becoming a physician or a senior who wants to explore construction trades, there is a CTE Internship experience waiting for you. Conclusion. Students grow both personally and professionally, while contributing to the goals of the organization in which they are working. Explain why the role stood out to you. Student Internships provide the following: Active participation of educators, employees, labor, students, parents, and appropriate agency and community representatives. Here are seven answers you can give to an interviewer about why do you want to do this internship. Interviewing for a job in healthcare, or for a place in a study program at a med school, nursing school, or PA school, you can expect to get at least one question about your career choice-why healthcare and not another field, what attracts you to healthcare, and so on.. As a rule of a thumb, you should refer to a meaningful purpose you see in . An internship allows you to take time to understand your role, tasks, and the industry. I also see an opportunity for me to learn and grow these skills, so we both would benefit personally . Students interested in participating in an internship, need to complete all the steps below. Take this opportunity to understand each task you are given and every new tool you use. One goal for CTE is to put individual students to work to achieve success defined in a number of ways, including earnings and. The best way to answer this question is to align your skills, qualities, and experience with the job description then outline why you're excited about the company's mission, culture, and values. If you fit all three criteria, apply for our study here. Career and Technical Education (CTE) promotes and supports locally-based middle and high school programs that provide 21st century, academic and technical skills for all students. The reasoning behind your interest in an internship position will most certainly be different than other candidates. Using that, here are four steps to nailing the answer: Make sure you understand what the hiring company is looking for in a candidate and what the responsibilities of the role are. Intern will be responsible for initial research (literature review), test procedure development, physical testing, and reporting.

They want individuals who are genuinely invested in their career and have an interest specifically in the company. Not only does this give individuals an edge over other candidates when applying for jobs, but it also prepares them for what to expect in their field and increases confidence in their work. 1. Motivation to stay in school. Program Components. Reason #1 - Professional Fit. Development of learning and workplace competencies. Go Through The Job Description: You need to be clear about the position you are applying for and what would be expected of you should you get selected. Example 1: "I'm interested in this position because I can see how my talent could help your organisation address the needs that come with this position. From this article, we have come into the conclusion that internship is very much important at the time of graduation because it provides us the different experience and gives the working environment as well as help to know about the practical work we have to do in the company or the firm. With extensive expertise, I'm aware of the key responsibilities that come with this job. To be more specific, as a Chinese-English bilingual, I am fascinated by the field of the executive function of bilingual children.

2. You're not the one in control. High school CTE programs prepare students for the many high paying, high-tech jobs requiring less than a bachelor's degree. Mention how passionate you are about the results that the job can produce or how the job facilitates the company as a whole doing something important. Here are some prime examples of the best answers on why are you interested in this role. One, it gives the recruiter a chance to get a feel for what sort of skill sets you have and what you would be suited to and two it shows you are dedicated/interested in the work you do and not just doing it for the sake of having any old job. Example Answer: There wasn't much that I disliked about my last job. The company culture is a great fit with your personality and passions. Interviewers know that these people will ask more than they are offered the position and often question their stability as such candidates leave as soon as they get opportunities matching their skills and experience. Express Enthusiasm. People will be watching over you and working closely with you on projects so that you have someone to look up to and a goal to work towards. My interest to participate in the summer immersion program comes from the passion that I have for caring for the vulnerable populations and my inheriting love for helping others. Answer (1 of 9): Depends which kind of internship you are applying to, some answers i think could be: -develop (one or several) skills -learn -practice my profession -get to know the company -be part of something important (in big companies) -face big challenges And so. Students in CTE programs have opportunities to participate in industry-specific courses, earn industry-recognized certifications, and access . We have mentioned some of the internship . But don't worry - personality isnt as important as you might think. An internet search makes this question so easy that misfiring on your answer is downright lazy. 1. While enthusiasm is always important in an interview (particularly an internship interview), it's essential here. 3. Written by the MasterClass staff. If you're asked during an in-person interview, you should really have figured out some reason why you want to work there to justify you even going to the interview; if you can't think of anything, chances are you'll be miserable there. Why job interviews are always not up to you. If you are in the Software Engineering major, you are in the Computer Programming CTE program; 2. Read this blog to answer interview questions "Why do you want to join our company?".It also includes some sample answer for these Interview Questions. Examples of perfect answers. Make sure you focus on company needs and factors that can help you grow your career.

Read through the job description to pull out a few responsibilities or tasks you'd be excited to do. There isnt a reall. Consider giving your answer in the following order: Tell how the culture and work environment meshes with your work style. For example, if you're asked why you want to work there, and you answer, "I've heard a lot of good things about the company, and I feel like I'd be a great fit," it's too generic. In the simplest terms, "Why are you interested in this position?" is all about the job, not the company. You're not the one in control. This is a nitty-gritty question. Continue Reading It's a question designed to help the hiring manager figure out why you want to take on the associated duties and responsibilities, and to make sure that you actually understand what the job entails. This brief introduction achieves three goals: establishes that this report is an internship experience essay; Some time they ask you to write for 2 years bond agreement. That's a total of 1.2 million students. I also see a chance to develop skills which would be advantageous for both of us in terms of our personal, professional, and financial . This position appeals to me because it has several opportunities to work closely with other designers, marketers, and managers. This answer . Example Answer: There wasn't much that I disliked about my last job. question.

Tell me about yourself. By asking this . Do your goals and experience align with the role? Answers for You Share the Company's Values. Generic answers. Interviewers are interested in uncovering if you view a lower-level position as a temporary situation, or if you are looking to work at this level long-term. Outline any responsibilities you've had that correspond . Include how it can help your career An internship is a small investment in building your future. You see? And seems like a good fit for my skills.". These are all interview-killers. So, go through the JD thoroughly. Networking. 3. Some examples of reasons why you want a job include: The job is a fit with your professional skills, goals, and experiences. Avoid a common pitfall of only seeming excited about the "sexy" or glamorous parts of a job and 3. make sure your interviewer knows you're in it for all the right reasons (i.e. Mobility would provide me the opportunity to be in a managerial position. Your interviewer will hear "I don't like people, am not a team player, and don't like to work hard.". kduah6317 kduah6317 6 days ago Business College answered Why are you interested in a CTE internship? Example: "I'm interested in this job because I can see that, in this role, my skills could help solve this problem within your company. If you are in Media or Industrial Design majors, you are in the Media CTE program. But don't worry - personality isnt as important as you might think. This example answer includes: an understanding of the company's unique selling point and future plans. Mostly ask the basics based on the job position. I'm a passionate individual interested in the role of Human Resource Manager. Learning the role's duties and responsibilities can help you . Yes! Then, describe what you like about the job itself. The main task of my internship was to create a LinkedIn marketing strategy for the company, basing my recommendations on extensive market research and using LinkedIn as a promotional tool for both customers and potential employees. Improvement in student employability. What are some examples of reasons why you want a job? Yet, admitting to wanting a job because you need a job is probably one of the best ways to lose a job opportunity. Why are you interested in participating in this program? Make sure to check all the policies while taking offer letter. 2. So, when an interviewer asks what motivates you to want to work for their organization, here's how to (honestly and artfully) answer: Research the corporate culture (and align your answer) What does the company stand for? Sample 1: "As a recent college graduate, I am very enthusiastic about starting my career in accounting. It was a strong team of professionals who worked well together to consistently deliver quality results. Ultimately, the hiring manager is concerned more about what you can do for them, rather than why this role makes you happy. Hiring managers aren't looking for candidates who clearly applied to the job simply for the sake of applying. One, every 26 seconds! When I ask why a candidate is interested in the job, I am hoping to learn how much research they have done on the role they have applied for. Basically, our advice is to have an answer for all of these variations, but focus on the biggest "element" you're changing in interviewing for this job. CTE Leads to Higher Graduation Rates Before COVID-19 even entered the learning landscape, 7,000 students a day were dropping out of school. Use the job description to fully understand the job and then genuinely just share what parts of it interest you. 1. Verify your working eligibility status (INSTRUCTIONS HERE) by signing up for a 5 minute appointment at one of the following sites. The skilled trades like those in transportation, utilities. Whether you plan to go to work straight out of high school or eventually earn a PhD, whether you have a clear career goal or just want to learn something practical and new, you can benefit from CTE. To create a good response, consider understanding the position's responsibilities. As you intern for a company, you get hands-on experience of how things work in an office environment. Intern will assist with current lab work along with at least one personal project.

Why Are You The Best Candidate For This Job? Internships want you to leave knowing more than you came with, and this is most likely the outcome. Research the job. Mrs. Kim Maready, Jacksonville High School, 910 989-2048, Students who take two or more CTE courses are less likely to drop out of high school. My preference is to work in that sort of environmentusing iterative processes to constantly improve concepts and products and bouncing ideas of other experts. You can review the job advertisement carefully to determine the job's specific duties and responsibilities. From the beginning of my nursing education, providing healthcare to . You really want to dig in and get specific. If you've been to a job fair or taken coursework in the industry, describe your research methods and how you determined your suitability for the post. In doing their research on the role, I want to know . Each career choice has some pluses and minuses. (2) Do you have any experience with children? Here are five reasons why interviews are always not up to you. How to Answer "Why do you want a job in sales" Conclusion. some of the skills or strengths the role requires, which you can find in the job description, and acknowledgement that you have them - but not in too much detail because the recruiter can ask you more about them in the rest of the . CTE internships are open to high school Juniors and Seniors who: Mention how this opportunity fits into your career trajectory. Your first reason should always show fit in terms of professional skills. The job is a great fit with your personal preferences and goals. Your response can set the tone for the entire interview, so you need to have a plan of action. Best answer is just honesty. 444 Words. 1. Google search the company's name, CEO's name and your . Given here are some best ways to answer this question. 1. 2. The clues to a great answer to why you want the job can be found by studying the job description. Perhaps you will learn new skills from these people and new things about the industry and life that you didn't know before. When I ask candidates why they're interested in the job, I'm not generally expecting a particularly riveting answer. There isnt a reall. Potential projects include: - wind tunnel testing of 3d printed structures to determine drag coefficients. Example 1: "I'm interested in this position because I can see how my talent could help your organisation address the needs that come with this position. So, put their doubts to bed by using this formula to prepare your answer: 2 Understand how the position helps to alleviate the company's pain. Students: If you want to pursue an internship experience with the CTE Internship, contact the Career Development Coordinator at your school: Mrs. Tiffany Huie, Dixon High School, 910 347-2958,

Last updated: Feb 25, 2022 3 min read. You can learn from the best during an internship. 2 Pages. Reason #1 - Professional Fit Your first reason should always show fit in terms of professional skills: "I'm interested in this job because I can see that in this role, my skill sets would benefit. Your interviewer will hear "I don't like people, am not a team player, and don't like to work hard.". Mention the aspects of the job in detail demonstrating that you already have some base knowledge of what you'll be doing. Other Popular Articles: Interviewers can see right through generic answers, and it may look to them like you haven't researched the position or the company. The same goes for variants like . Here is an indicative list of sample answers for this interview question asking about your interest in the job position you have applied for. Here's how to answer this question well. Submit an internship application and register for . Don't give them any reason to doubt that you truly want to work at this specific company, in this exact role. I am particularly interested in the sphere of language development because it is such a rich area with a lot to be explored and discovered. But that also makes it extremely important. 1. If yes, please describe. . Why are you looking for internship? 1. So, you've mentioned why you want this particular position and explained why the company interests you. And this is something that I desire to do with my career. Your response should demonstrate that this is a great fit in every wayso be prepared with multiple reasons why you . The NYC DOE seeks to ensure that all CTE programs meet key program quality indicators outlined through the New York State Education Department's (NYSED) CTE program approval process. CTE helps close the skills gap. It also allows the interviewer to assess what you know about yourself.) don't just say "the money"). And if you're an employer who wants to give back to your community by investing into the life of a student, there is a CTE internship experience waiting for you too. Here are five reasons why interviews are always not up to you. 5.